How To Get A Job?

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Well, Olivier, sit down, I have many things to tell you. First of all, I do not know why you can not find a job, but a year, it's still average French, maybe a bit above, but you have a fairly specialized profile and you'd have to see your project.

Let's get rid of CV and cover letter problems, since you have interviews and the purpose of these two documents is only to get that famous interview. What is more serious is this spiral that you describe and that is ultra classic alas, that of the loss of confidence that leads to isolation, so to have fewer contacts, fewer opportunities, and therefore even less self-confidence, etc.

Know that the success of a job search obeys 3 criteria:

- the inner energy. Indeed, looking for a job is an exhausting activity where you always take doors in the figure. So, contrary to the professional activity where we have both annoyances - which consume our energy - and satisfactions - which renew it - the search for a job only consumes our energy. Hence the importance of making sure to restore: sleep well, eat well, play sports, and devote time to the activity that makes you happy and allows you to recharge your batteries.

- The social connection. People who are successful in their job search are those who stay connected to others. First to conserve their energy, but then to multiply meetings and hear about interesting opportunities. This is called "the network approach" and I am sure you have already heard about it since you mention the relationships in your letter and that they have already allowed you to find a situation in the law. But there is a "manual" of this approach and I think that a few coaching sessions would allow you to redo the point on your way to contact your network and perhaps to find a new motivation, because when we contact the same people for the 3rd or 4th time, we feel miserable and this is an additional factor

- the number of hours of research: frankly, how many hours per week do you spend on your research? I mean how many useful hours, where are you really mobilized? We often lose time believing to work while we give ourselves good trust … Better to spend 3 real days per week on your research and you reserve 2 days of energy recharge, and not to do like this former customer to me who spent his days making cards on all companies in his area and reviewing their activity reports on the Internet. All this, in my opinion, would be facilitated by a few coaching sessions, because if your job search does not really give me worry, given your age and your profile, and the international experience that is a plus, but by however, your state of discouragement, as I understand it, seems to me the main risk factor today. There are very good coaches in the holders (thus certified) of the European Coaching Association ( and this in all regions of France. APEC and ANPE also organize balance sheet and support sessions, as well as many associations, to name just one, I recommend AVARAP:

In short, you understood me well Olivier, do not stay alone in front of your job search but go to others and get accompanied, not only by a psychologist whose help is undoubtedly valuable in the context of a support therapy, but by a professional transition specialist or a solidarity network such as AVARAP to work on your approach.

And give us news when you have signed your new contract!