What Is An Element?

The Cauchois , or Norman bidet , is a race of heavy draft horses, native of the country of Caux, on the coast of the former region of Haute-Normandie, in France. Renowned for its ability to move to "not notice" it is highly sought after in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Although he is most often hitched to heavy loads, such as the diligences of the General Company of the omnibus, it also happens that it is mounted by the peasant girls to go to the market. It is exported to many parts of France, as well as in Switzerland, where it gives birth to the horse breed of Bulle, in Freiburg.

Due to competition from rail and light carriages, the Cauchois is scarce in the late nineteenth century. It is now extinct, by absorption in the race of Boulonnais. The Cauchois inspired some works of art, in particular a lithography of Théodore Géricault, in 1822.