What Is Bonded Leather?

Leather is produced from a treatment that has been applied to the skin. There are different types of natural leathers . One of those who appears to be the sweetest is the one called "Integral Leather Aniline". It makes it possible to obtain reconstituted leather, that is, it is covered with a film that protects the material. The reconstituted is produced from the raw skin. It is famous for being one of the most enjoyable, but it knows some fragility.

Fragile material

It requires, therefore, regular maintenance because it must not suffer from moisture. Reconstituted leather is very difficult to obtain, so care must be taken in giving it daily attention. Also called sometimes leather regenerated or synderme, this type of leather comes from a paste obtained thanks to the recovery of falls and waste of skins of colors and very varied structures. This leather is uniform and has no imperfections. It guarantees a great comfort in the products of which it will ensure the creation.

For your fashion accessories

It is a material that is cheaper than rawhide. The reconstituted leather belt is therefore a
Beauty accessory possible for all budgets. It is often used in making bindings of
books, in shoemaking, and for the manufacture of belts. The belt you choose in leather
reconstituted will be resistant, and will have no smell that will differentiate it from conventional leather belts.
It can be wide or thin, braided or flat. She will be the asset of your seduction, but she will emphasize
especially a particular character of your femininity.